DARE stands for Defense Against Rape and Eve Teasing which is an initiative by Ms.Vaamaa Baldota, grand daughter of Mr. Narendrakumar Baldota Managing Director of MSPL ltd company. She is currently studying at University of California, Berkeley. She dedicated a year before joining this college to formulate a program that trains girls to defend themselves against rape and eve teasing. She was trained in Jeet Kune Do under Dr. Deepak and Seema Rao of UCCA.


Since 2014, the team of DARE has been conducting workshops in the schools and colleges of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Nasik, Hyderabad, Manesar, rural Karnataka and Goa and has trained around 1 lakh girls to DARE (Defense against Rape and Eve teasing). Since then this workshop is conducted as part of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) of MSPL ltd company situated in Hosapete, Karnataka.




Crimes against women are on the rise. 1 in every 3 women in India is subjected to sexual abuse. While, the long-term solution to this complicated issue lies in education and a gender equal system. The need of the hour is train girls to defend themselves. Therefore, DARE aims at empowering girls and boosting their self confidence to defend, escape, fight back and survive situations of sexual abuse.




It is a 2 hour workshop conducted in high schools and colleges with the prior approval of Directorate of Education of that state in which we train more than 50-200 girls per session. It provides training to girl students from VIII std onwards. The participants are trained in self defense tactics, escape tricks, survival ideas, and given counseling, safety tips and legal awareness about the various crimes occurring against women like eve teasing, rape, stalking, sexual assault etc.


This workshop is a mixture of theoretical, as well as, practical techniques and demonstrations aimed at training girl students in identifying threat, building self confidence, learning self defense techniques against common attacks, being aware and learning proven techniques that work under stress.


The girls will be trained in:
- Verbal confrontation skills
- Situation Enactment
- Avoidance, response, survival and escape tactics
- Self Defense techniques


Volunteers are recruited under the CSR department of MSPL ltd, who are additionally given training from well recognized academies in martial arts and defense techniques.




After the workshop, the girls fill up student "feedback forms". This helps us to assess their absorption and understanding of the DARE concepts. These forms, also act as a revision to our demonstrations. Through the forms, we are exposed to understand not only the lack of safety felt by girls in India, but also to the various forms of sexual abuses faced by them. Post assessment of the forms we contact the girl students under distress to provide them solutions or connect them to the appropriate authority.


Schools are provided with scripts of the DARE workshop that contains detailed explanation of the self defense techniques. This aids girls to refresh their memory and regularly practice the techniques. We also provide our DARE official helpline number for them to contact us.


Post workshops at least 5 cases in every school of eve-teasing, cyber crimes, sexual molestation, stalking, blackmailing etc are brought to our notice. The team provides solutions, support and legal help to those girls.


We receive information from trained girls time to time about their personal survival experiences using DARE techniques. Many girls have escaped from dangerous situations like kidnapping, eve teasing, blackmailing, stalking, etc.


Let us all join hands to protect the honor of our girls and make our country a safe place for them.

For any other information and request for sessions   please contact us on 07022465552